Green Fashion

By Angela Ardis

As I continue to venture into the land of “eco-friendliness,” I paused outside of my closet a few months ago and wondered about ‘green’ fashion. Labeling myself a fashionista, I figured it was my duty to at least find out a bit more about eco-friendly fashion. I’d remembered purchasing a pair of sneakers a year ago that adorned a label showcasing the recycled breakdown of the shoe: reused tires, reused leather, studs, etc. However, not really being into everything ‘green’ at the time, I smirked at it and purchased it, not because it was eco-ic, but because it was cute. Nevertheless, I have since patted myself on the back for having inadvertently purchased something that was recycled, before I was drawn into the ‘green’ world. It felt like a prelude to where I am now. So, I’ve since googled eco-friendly fashions and came across a site called “ Ecouterre” where they showcase ‘green’ designers. I browsed for a while at some of the designs and was impressed. But what impressed me the most was when I came across Stella McCartney’s Fall 2012 cruelty-free kicks featuring soles made from Apinat, a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from natural—and renewable—raw materials. It’s a great shoe and the heel is right up my alley regarding my preferences in the look and height. Now I’ll investigate some other designers and keep you posted.