Bottle Water Solution

By Angela Ardis

Eight out of ten water bottles in the United States end up in landfills or become garbage, not to mention the energy we waste using water bottles is enough to power over 190,000 homes. I’ve given great thought about the process of how far my cases of bottled water have to travel to get to the store as well as my fuel emissions to get there to purchase them. The carbon footprint being left isn’t worth NOT finding a better solution to do my small part for the bigger picture. So, I decided to go with the reusable water bottle solutions and found a great option for myself - collapsible and foldable bottles that can easily fit in my purse or bag. They’re cost effective being that six come in a package and the six are different colors to match with your eco-friendly ensembles. However, please make sure that any bottle you decide to use is BPA-Free. It’s a small step but as they say, “Each one, teach one.”