Remedy For Sleep

By Angela Ardis

I have always had problems sleeping. It seemed the older I got the worse it became. I’ve googled everything and diagnosed myself with anxiety issues and stress. I used to go straight to CVS and purchase Unisom or some other sleep aid. Even though I slept through the night, I usually found myself a bit groggy during the day. As time moved on groggy wasn’t the only abnormal symptom that plagued me. So, I stopped taking sleeping pills and ‘sleepytime’ herbal teas (which made me dizzy). I learned how to meditate and utilized the aroma of lavender to calm my senses. Now, before I lay down, I indulge in a ritual of a hot shower, soundscapes, meditation and a douse of lavender oil. Not only do I fall right to sleep and stay asleep all night, but I wake up feeling relaxed and well rested. If you have trouble sleeping, it’s worth a try because over time, sleep inducing medication is more of a potential hazard than helpful alternative.