Just Let Go

By Meridith Merchant

What are you holding on to that you really need to let go of? Do you know that once you let go, you open yourself up to a solution, to even greater joy, to relief from the stress and strain? It is just that simple. Letting go comes in so many forms but the true value is that in the act of letting go, we open ourselves up to so much more to come to us.  Just last week, when I realized that I had left my iPOD on a plane on the way to celebrate my aunt’s 100th birthday, I was devastated. I followed the procedure of filing a lost and found report and repeated the mantra that my grandmother taught me, “What’s lost is found, what’s lost is found.” Still two days after reporting the loss, I woke up feeling heavy, sad, lost, sick about the thought of replacing it, and longing for its return. And then I changed my mind saying, “Just let go, accept that it’s gone, and move forward.” I decided to do something about it and searched for iPODs on-line, asked a friend for help, and then decided, I will just order another one. Within 30 minutes of making that decision and feeling at peace about it, I received an email from the airline that read, “We are happy to tell you that we have located an item that closely matches the description of your reported lost item.” My iPOD is now on its way back to me. Why? Well, I truly believe that part of this is my karma and the other part is my willingness to let go. It takes so much more energy to hold on to pain, frustration, sadness, and anger, than it does to let it go, and to do something about it. In my letting go of the angst and doing something about it, I made room for the universe to bring more joy my way … It’s simple … just let go and see what happens.