BLT (Turkey Bacon) and String Bean Melody

By Cedric Pendleton

Ezekiel Bread sandwich with uncured turkey bacon, spinach, and fresh tomatoes. Accompanied by fresh green beans, sautéed with red peppers, yellow peppers, onions, almonds, roasted garlic, and love… It is a wonder meal for lunch. Healthy eating at its best!

Sandwich -
2 Slices of Ezekiel Bread
2 Slices of Uncured Turkey Bacon
A small handful of spinach
2 slices of fresh tomatoes
Tea Spoon of Organic Mayonnaise

Cook the turkey bacon as the label directs until crisp. Lay 2 slices of lightly toasted Ezekiel bread on a cutting board and spread with a tea spoon of Organic Mayonnaise. Top with the spinach and tomato slices. Add a layer of turkey bacon and cut the sandwich in half to serve.

Green Beans -
2 cups of French Green Beans
½ Red Peppers
½ Yellow Peppers
2 slices of Yellow Onion
1/4 cup of Sundried Tomatoes to taste
1/4 cup sliced almonds
2 -4 garlic cloves, minced
¼ cup of olive oil
coarse sea salt, to season
pepper (to season)

In a large pan over medium high heat, heat oil adding green beans and all ingredients except almonds and garlic. Stir and Saute for approximately 10 minutes or until desired texture is reached. Add almonds and garlic last and continue the process for 2-5 minutes on low heat. Season the food with salt and pepper to taste.