Redo Your Home: Go The Green Way!

By Supama T

For quite some time I had been toying with the idea of redoing the interior of my home, aiming to give it a new, refreshing look. I was really considering giving my home interior an eco-friendly twist after I checked out some of the stuff at a friend's place. Upbeat with the idea, I began exploring the various factors to be considered such as choosing the appropriate design to considering the sustainability of the resultant outcome; deciding if it was worth spending all that money; and whether I had the time that this effort would require. The global warming issue has been a serious topic of discussion on a worldwide platform and continuous efforts are being made to tackle it. I too have always wanted to contribute my bit toward the cause and, Oh my! This thought of mine just took me a step closer! I was amazed to find out the plus points of "green renovation," busting all the myths regarding the high cost investments.  By any chance if you think going green is old school or dull, just check out the images of the architectural designs of these green buildings. They are simply stylish and refreshing, very homely and don't forget the eco-friendly aspect. I am excited now, GotGoodGreen!