My Introduction To Green

By Angela Ardis

Two of my best friends are what I call “nuts and berries” people. They are health conscious and closer to green than I ever thought I would be. They have spent a very large portion of their lives growing their own foods in their own gardens, buying locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, organic meats and they blend their own produce to make juice. I used to roll my eyes and talk smack during our farmer’s market, Whole Foods, and/or Trader Joe’s outings. I thought spending more for organic wasn’t worth it being that we all inhaled the same dirty nasty air. They would look at me and smirk, knowing I didn’t know any better at the time, all the while knowing that a difference was being made. However, on the many occasions when they cooked for me, with all of that ‘organic-ness’, I could tell an immediate difference in the taste and I noticed how differently it made my body feel. It was worth it and now, I have grown to appreciate organic food because it makes me feel better.

On separate occasions I would sit with each of my friends and they would talk to me about water systems, turbines, fossil fuel and everything ‘eco’. Neither was trying to convert me but rather educate me on where the world was going. I didn’t begin to understand until I was asked to write a few scripts for a television show that was based in an eco-friendly setting. My research led me to reading, which led me to understanding, which led me to conversations that have slowly become part of my life. I began to grasp how much our world is changing and how the environment needs to be saved. This realization and desire to want to do more led to my newest venture at GotGoodGreen. I believe in the premise and education of those, who like myself, were skeptical or who just didn’t have enough information to make informed decisions about ‘going green’, ‘being green’, ‘eco this and eco that’… it can be very confusing. GotGoodGreen has a vision for our world and, like its Founder, believes that changing one person at a time, is how the world will in turn change for the better.

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