Get on a mission

By Cedric Pendleton

Working women around the world, get up in the morning before the rest of the family stirs, pray, cook a morning meal, and prepare themselves for work before the sun rises. Then they wake the kids, feed them, deliver them to school, work a full day, and come home to prepare the evening meal and more. This cycle is often repeated and becomes the pattern that they govern their lives by. 

However, often they neglect themselves in the process. Forgetting that the basis of what every family stands on is the health of those who birth the nation.  We encourage everyone, especially women and those who tend to carry a “heavy load,” to take and demand “me time.”  If you know a “superhuman”, be sure to support them by reminding them to “fill their cup too.” Truth is that we all need to take care of ourselves.  Get some form of exercise. You are more than worth it!