Healthy Dog Food

By Cedric Pendleton

As a child, I grew up with a different philosophy about dogs. This compelled me to write several jokes about being a dog lover. First of all, I refuse to kiss my dog, "Blue", in the mouth! However, I am concerned about his diet as much as I am concerned about my own.

With that in mind, Annamaet Aqualuk Cold Water Formula Dry Dog Food is completely Grain Free! He eats a high protein, high vegetable formula that contains probiotics to help support a healthy digestive track. Developed by a two time winner of the Alaska Iditarod, this food contains 39% protein as opposed to 19% found in regular dog food. I add additional things into the mix - a little broccoli stock, sweet potatoes, and a clove of garlic to naturally fight flees.

I love the shine of his coat, his muscular definition, and the growth of his body. My health is important and so is his. We totally recommend this food! Dogs GOTGOODGREEN too!