A Sunday Party

By Cedric Pendleton

The rays of the sun glisten through the trees as a soft breeze sways the leaves back and forth. As I topped the hill strolling through the park on a Sunday afternoon, I noticed a long line of cars parked parallel to the track and football field. I wondered to myself, “Is there a game going on?”

What I saw made me run back to the car to grab my camera. There were people everywhere, young and old. They were running, jumping, and yelling with passion as kids chased one another for the fun of it. There was a flag football game going on, track practice was in session, and mothers were pushing their babies around the pathway in strollers, as they seemed to be committed to remain active - even if it meant pushing strollers along the way. It was an active day for all and it made me smile. What I really wanted to do was scream, “Everyone, GotGoodGreen!”

I encourage you to do something active with your day.