It can grow anywhere

By Cedric Pendleton

I took a vacation to the Florida pan handle during a tropical storm. Why do that you ask? It was pre-paid and I refused to lose my deposits.

On the trip back to Atlanta, I did a Google search for vegetarian food and had to drive twenty miles out of the way, in the middle of nowhere, to get to the restaurant. I would list the name, however, the two owners stated that they were going out of business, due to the lack of support in the area. “Everyone here wants meat and potatoes.” It’s a shame, because the food was good and the vibe was great!

Nonetheless, what I found really  amazing was the hydroponic growers that were located on the patio. No soil, just water, and plant growth. This means that all of the plant could be consumed, the roots, stems, and flowers. Sure, one can do that with a plant out of the soil but it was interesting to watch people eat the root system before the leaf and place it back into the grower for additional development. What a great thing!

Do a little research and you will see that hydroponic growing systems are everywhere … even in the middle of nowhere.