CNG: The True Alternative

By Suparna T

Where many alternative fuels have failed, compressed natural gas (CNG) seems to thrive and there are good reasons for that. CNG is at least 90 percent methane, a greenhouse gas found in mineral deposits, shale rock and belches from cows.

When Curtis Martin and Gary Corbin decided to commence a cross-country CNG road trip last month covering 22 US states, the message was clear. America needs to use more and more of its alternative fuels. Especially CNG, which burns cleaner than gasoline and is also cheaper at least for now.

The US is not listed in the top 10 countries in the world with the most CNG vehicles.  Personal use of CNG is a small market today.  Currently, the only produced CNG vehicle in the US is the Honda Civic GX sedan.

There are downsides for the usage of natural gas, such as contaminated water for residents living near a drilling site. The Federal Governmental, EPA, needs to regulate this industry. To make sure corporate profit does not set public policy regarding people’s health and drinking water. This could be a viable alternative. The stock have continue to perform.