Sustainable and Stylish Eco-Clothing

By Suparna T

Before our society snowballed into a huge army of consumers, clothes and shoes were taped, stitched and patched in every way to avoid the garbage. Although shopping for new clothes can be fun and retail therapy is one of best ways to uplift your mood. However, fifty or sixty years ago  you would never catch a person throwing away their clothes because of a hole in them.  People of the past had the right idea!  Perhaps we need to embody the same idea in today’s world. 99 % of what is thrown away can be recycled.

So here are some cool ideas of recycling and redesigning old clothes. If you have better ideas let us know…  
- Make a belt out of neck ties
- Turn a pair of jeans into a bag
- Make a sock wristband
- Turn a T-shirt into a Tank Top