Honor in Our Country

By Cedric Pendleton

Walking my dog early one misty morning, I ventured into a world that I did not know existed in my neighborhood. Iím progressive, educated, and in the know, but I didnít realize my neighbor was making modifications to his house. I moved closer to inspect the sign, which stood over the recharging station he added onto the corner of his property. I was impressed. It read, ďFree to the public, in honor of those killed in Operation Iraq and Enduring Freedom.Ē

My neighbor was offering free electricity to the neighborhood. Who does that sort of thing? Then I looked on the roof and saw the solar panels and realized that my neighbor was off the grid. Wow!!! What a model to follow. No electric bill, no gas bill, and service to others. Now thatís a concept that youíd see in movies but I saw it live!

Power for the people!