Birdsong for Health

By Esther Nicole “Third Moon”

Birds are in the woods, on farms, backyards, city dumps, by the shore, and in the densest urban centers; yet most tend to unintentionally fade them into back drop, completely tuning out their songs and calls. They however never forget to pay attention to us. Their awareness creates an awareness web of what’s happening around them. Their calls ripple out to other species and the messages are passed on for miles. The ancestors and many of the animals know this and listen to their calls to understand who's around and doing what. They are literally the alarm system of this planet. Some believe their song is reflective of the vibrational frequency of this planet which is subtle yet huge.

When we step outside of our own heads and listen to the birds we can gain a better awareness of our surroundings and tune out the chatter in our minds. This has huge implications for our mental and overall health. Some studies show that bird song can help people in densely populated and high traffic urban areas deal with their stress and balance circadian rhythms.

Before you begin your day, step outside. If you have a patch of earth, step out barefoot and recharge with the electromagnetic force of earth and your body, and open your ears. Listen to the birds and tune into their rhythm to help you decide the cadence of the rhythm you will create your day with. Allow your mind to quiet as your focus is directed by their music. See if you can tell which birds notice you and whether they notice you first, as an alarm and then gradually become comfortable with your presence as you begin to pay attention. You might learn something about where you are.