Got Good Green Now


By Rhona Benett

Hey, hey everybody... I hope this message finds each of you well.  We are living in interesting times for sure.  Technology is growing, and gadgets are more plentiful. Echoes of global warming are getting louder, and the firm pleas from environmentalists, advocating for responsible living, are finally getting more attention.  Got Good Green has come along at a time when becoming more self-aware, and remembering to consider others, is necessary for a more fulfilled life and a healthier planet.

Being "green" is a way of life.  It is the commitment to be more creative about how we conserve and recycle for the maintenance of the Earth, which also inspires us to move away from our obsession with consumerism. Being “green” is using cleaner gas or driving more fuel efficient cars.  It’s choosing recycled paper and plastics as we also reduce waste.  It’s wearing cottons and other natural fibers while also balancing what we eat.  Being “green” is thinking and acting in a way that promotes prosperity (green) of our generation and the many to come.

"Green" living is a gift we give to ourselves and to others as we consider the benefits of working together.  'When you help others, you help yourself.'   I look forward to sharing with each of you, what I do to live and think healthier.  As with any change, it starts from within.

We are connected to one another in more ways now than ever. Here we stand at the frontier of a beautiful opportunity to blaze the trail that leads to more sustainable living.  While pats on the back and public mentions can feel quite rewarding, we’re committed to green living because we've come to understand the intricate role we each play in making such a huge accommodation for the benefit of all . Your unique contribution, added to our collective stance, is just what we need to keep things interesting and possible.

Live well


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