Eating Healthy? Think Green


By Meridith Merchant

As a child I ate heads of iceberg lettuce, grazed on organic plums from our backyard tree, and I always asked for salad without dressing.  Now, I’m known in public settings for eating leaves of romaine lettuce from a gallon-size Ziploc bag, I’m careful not to mix fruits with other foods that may affect my digestion, and I enjoy flax seed oil on my salads.  (Okay, so as an adult I finally learned about the need to resist the temptation to “taste” blue cheese dressing.)  Nonetheless, my family nickname is “Mother Earth” because when asked about food, how to heal an injury, or how to heal the heart, my first line of response often points to something green.  That is something organic, a natural remedy, or something that gives permission for someone to let “go” (as in giving the green-light).  

Eating and thinking green was introduced to me early in my life and happened independent of the increasingly heightened awareness of the current state of the planet.  My commitment, however, became more conscious as a result of my “overstanding” of how much our bodies thrive on living foods and how we can truly heal our minds, bodies, and souls through more conscious and natural living.  My commitment is also directly related to my commitment to finding ways to maximize and utilize new ways of existing in this world (i.e. FACEBOOK) while salvaging the ways of old that sustain and connect us (handwriting a note, placing it in an envelope, putting a stamp on it and mailing it. 

GotGoodGreen intends to increase your awareness of the benefits of living green with complete realization that change is a process.  So we will plant seeds in your mind with the hope that you will water them and see how they grow.  With particular attention to green as it relates to health and food, we have stories, testimonies, and information to share.  We have lived and seen the benefits of paying more attention to how we prepare our food, what we choose to eat, what we think when we eat it, who we eat with, as well as when we eat.  Increasing your attention to these things, leads to changes in behavior which will directly impact how you feel about yourself and how you experience relationships with others, which includes the planet we live on.

So, as you prepare yourself to receive what GotGoodGreen has to offer, think about how you might add a little green to your life.  It may be choosing to have a salad instead of fries. (Benefit: You will digest your food more easily and perhaps sleep better that night.)  It may be choosing to have water with lemon with a meal instead of soda or juice. (Benefit: You will increase your “greenbacks” by spending less money.  One less can or bottle to recycle.  Reduce the acidity in your body which helps your body to function more efficiently.)  Or it may be slowing down to enjoy the donut you said you weren’t going to eat instead of beating yourself up with each bite.  (Benefit: What we think about when we eat directly impacts how it digests.  How we digest affects how we eliminate.  How we eliminate affects our entire self – physical, mental, and emotional).  Once you’ve decided to make a change, moderation is key.  It takes time to develop a new habit, be patient with yourself, and make sure you’re clear about why the change is important to you … that way it will stick.

Got Good Green?  If not, get some and tell us how you feel.

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